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Why Natural Food?

Good For Heart

Guava is a powerhouse of nutrients that has provided the fruit the stature of super fruit. This fruit is extraordinarily enriched in Vitamin C, Lycopene, Antioxidants that are beneficial for skin and many other nutrients helps in maintaining a good healthy life.

Preserves Nature

With our unique methods and years of experience, we have done our level best in preserving the nature in the little packet of taste and nutrients. Our product is free from any kind of pesticide or chemicals. The fruit is not even touched with bare hands that reduces the risk of transmission of germs through hands.

Improves Overall Well-Being

A sound mind resides in healthy body and our products are a way of meeting with a healthier & happier you. With a happy psychology, your overall well-being will be redirected towards a positive direction and will be more aligned with your goals.


We care for you as much as you do

Natural Guava, grown with love and care of nature along with best of our efforts is the must have. Experience the natural taste directly from our farms to your door step. We are into farming since very long and with that experience & the will to provide natural taste to everyone, we are stepping one foot ahead through our online merchandise.¬†We reach a healthier you through our pesticides & germs-free food. Psidium guajava, the common guava, is a super fruit yet it is not meaningful to compromise on its taste and quality. We have done our best to facilitate the fruit in its best natural form, untouched from pests, insects, chemicals, even bare hands. With such endeavours, our product’s quality and taste is almost unquestionable. We care for you as much as you do.

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Jumbo Guava weighing 1.722KG

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