Vegetables Basket [for Panipat: 132103]

Welcome to your Online Family Farmer’s Market (for Detailed info call: 8306033333, 8053000269):

Book your “Vegetables Basket” within the time limit before the booking of the last basket for the Month of July 2019. Only 100 baskets are available under this program.

Vegetable Basket:

                             !!Pesticide-free Garden surprise ‘Hand Picked’ fresh!!

!!Thanks to greenhouses in the winter time!!

Because of the quickly perishable and non-resalable nature of residue-free produce, we cannot offer a refund on garden baskets that are not picked up. There will be Rs. 150/- charge on any garden box returned to the farm because of “No Show” at the drop point.

Grown without chemical fertilizers.

They are fertilized with organic compost.

Grown without chemical herbicides, fungicides, insecticides or pesticides of any kind.

Grown sustainably for nutrient density.

Answers to your Questions:

The variety in the basket will change Daily/weekly/monthly/seasonally as the farmers follow the changing seasons of harvest.

The vegetable basket has about 4-6 different seasonal vegetables on a weekly basis.

If you have a large family or are having a company, feel free to order several baskets.

These vegetables are harvested and packed especially for you as you book your advance orders them each month. That is a really personal touch and keeps everything super fresh and the quality super high.

Please note that we make these vegetable baskets available on order basis only.

Order Now! Limited Stocks!!

Rs. 4,500.00

Only 100 left in stock



NOTE: When ordering Vegetable Baskets it’s especially critical that you pay attention to the deadline. Of course it’s always important to order on time, but the difference is that late “regular orders,” can often be last minute rushed through to get your order filled. But with late “Vegetable Basket orders” rushing is not an option. If you order late, it will be almost impossible for us to fill the Vegetable Basket portion of your order. I just want this to be clear. The Vegetable Basket always will be available only for advance orders. At launch there will be 3 months advance booking after that one month advance booking option will be there. If you see the “Add to Cart” button, you can order the produce.

You will love this modern twist to a farmers market. Buying straight from your adopted “Family Farmers” themselves has never been so easy, safe and efficient. How do we know you are going to love this and tell all your friends?

Consider this. Since our experienced loyal customers are about the only advertisement we have, if we measure just how effectively they have spread the word for us, it should be a fairly accurate measurement of their satisfaction, right? 

Many families tell us that your grass-fed Indian Cow’s milk is the absolute best raw milk they have ever tasted. Many families tell us your “Jumbo Guava” is not a normal fruit, its extra ordinary. Your green tea package is known as “Green Elixir”. We don’t use any preservative in your “Amla Sweet Chutney”. We’ll leave that up to you to decide, but we do hope to always exceed your expectations. Actually, you will find all of our foods clean, pure and outstanding. If it’s not pure, if it’s not humanely and conscientiously raised, we won’t sell it. It is the same foods that we feed our family and our children every day. That is our family’s commitment to you.


If this all sounds too good to be true, all I can say is, “You will have to try it to find out. Then it will be your turn to tell your friends!”


Remember, we are a real life based family farm and not a factory. Some things are and will be in short supply. We do our best to keep the online store current to show you what is sold out, so if you see something in stock that you want, get it now because everything is first come, first serve!

When we work according to God’s creation, his plan, his blessings and his design, and just follow and respect it and work with it, why should we be surprised that the food is a taste of heaven? 

::Your own adopted “Family Farmer”


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